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Creative copywriting with relevance

Looking to make your copy a little more relevant and engaging? This makeover of an ad will provide some insights into how to do it. Copy and Concept Critique for Queensland Museum Ambient Effective concept and copy in advertising should communicate the single-minded proposition (SMP) of the campaigns defined audience in a novel way. This critique thus examines the copy and concept of the Wonder of Why campaign … Read More

Design Thinking
Design Thinking Models

Here are a few little games and quizzes to illustrate the most well-known human-centered design thinking models This is a quiz I created using the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford Model.  Adapted from D.School, Retrieved 15 March 2021 http://dschool.stanford.edu/ In this quiz match the somewhat equivalent levels of the D.School and IDEO, International Design and Consulting Firm Models The D.School Model The IDEO Model

Digital Media Interview with Millicent – Collaboration

The awesome Millicent Nankivell (https://twitter.com/millienankivell) and I belong to a Digital Media alumni group (#DDMAlimni on Twitter). We met on Twitter and decided to simply make some media for the sake of it and to support the unit hashtag. Making media for others is connecting. When you start making media who knows where the journey of discovery and learning will take you: Usually to a good place.… Read More

Vector Image Logo

This was a recent job for By the Sea Soap Shoppe. Here I converted an illustration into a vector image logo suitable for printing and signage. The Shoppe (actually ‘they’ are my in-laws)already knew what they wanted and had sent a pixilated image that I could vectorize. By creating the image in the vector image meant they could start to use it in their signage and reproduce it … Read More

Find a word
25 social media platforms find-a-word game

This is a game I created where users participate in finding social media platforms. It is really easy to set up (see my reviews on using h5p under the gamification heading). These social media platforms are not listed in any particular order. Only 25 that seem relevant in 2020. This is a pretty big find-a-word as the more words you add the bigger it gets. Then you would … Read More

Gamification of your blog
Gamification elements

Gamification is a great way to drive engagement with your brand. The videos here provide a few examples of gamification and how the process works on WordPress.

 … Read More