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When it comes to online marketing, it’s hard to escape the demand of the attention economy. Nobody goes into business simply to become popular, and your web presence is only part of your strategic plan. But when the right people engage with your content, it’s usually one sign, and I think a good sign, that what you’re doing is working. What you do with that traffic and engagement … Read More

Travel Bubble Advertisement

There is not any going back to normal Air New Zealand Ad created for the reopening of the travel bubble BRAND: Air New Zealand PRODUCT/SERVICE: Trans-Tasman Bubble OBJECTIVES: Create awareness of Air New Zealand services to and from New Zealand and increase sales TARGET AUDIENCE: Travel starved 20 somethings SMP: Fly to a picture-perfect paradise with Air New Zealand. MEDIA: Social video (less than 2 minutes), Radio advertisement … Read More

Piano Afilliate program
Piano Chords Course Affiliate Program

Hi guys. I am using an affiliate program for the piano chords course and membership club. This allows you to earn commissions for referrals. When someone purchases, you earn 40%. The amount is even higher once you reach certain thresholds.

12 Brand Archetypes
Brand Archetypes Quiz

Here is my version of the 12 brand archetypes quiz. In step one, we identify the primary driver and in step two, we find your archetype. I have found this two-step process works better and is more objective. The archetypes used come thanks to Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung. Because of the symbolism built up around these certain types that transcend cultures and backgrounds, these archetypes can establish anchor … Read More

Hero Brand Architype
Hero Brand Archetype

The hero brand archetype with examples. The Hero is all about overcoming obstacles through dedication and hard work. If you have the grit and determination, you can outperform your competitors or foes. Justice will triumph over evil. Strategy for the hero brand archetype Remember that it is your clients who are the Heroes, and your business plays a role in inspiring them. Set challenges and inspiration to go … Read More

Terms and Conditions

WEBSITE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE About the Website(a) Welcome to Communication Generation Digital Media (the ‘Website’). TheWebsite https://www.communication-generation.com/ (the ‘Services’).(b) The Website is operated by Ricky Wright. Access to and use of the Website, orany of its associated Products or Services, is provided by Ricky Wright. Pleaseread these terms and conditions (the ‘Terms’) carefully. By using, browsing and/orreading the Website, this signifies that you have read, understood … Read More

Design Thinking
Design Thinking Models

Tim Brown, of global design and consulting firm IDEO, defines design thinking as a ‘human-centred approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success’ (IDEO 2021.: para 2). Arising with post-war activist origins and the emphasis on creativity practices, design thinking has gained wider traction globally in recent years in an attempt … Read More

Find a word
25 social media platforms find-a-word game

This is a game I created where users participate in finding social media platforms. It is really easy to set up (see my reviews on using h5p under the gamification heading). These social media platforms are not listed in any particular order. Only 25 that seem relevant in 2020. This is a pretty big find-a-word as the more words you add the bigger it gets. Then you would … Read More

Gamification of your blog
Gamification elements

Gamification is a great way to drive engagement with your brand. The videos here provide a few examples of gamification and how the process works on WordPress.

 … Read More