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This is my undergraduate video and exegesis attempt at understanding celebrity culture and authenticity. Also, see the follow-up article The
There is not any going back to normal Air New Zealand Ad created for the reopening of the travel bubble
While numbers never tell the full story, it is sometimes useful and kind of fascinating to have an objective measure
Internet of humanity
An Internet of Humanity IoH to resist Surveillance Capitalism There's the Internet of things IoT but what about the Internet
Black lives matter
Mobile phone use has become ubiquitous (fig. 1), especially among the young and wealthy with more than five billion uses
The health of the public sphere as a gauge to the possibilities and limitations of internet activism in the networked
Toilet Paper Creative Advertising
Advertising students at Deakin University produced campaigns with one to get presented to the amazing social enterprise we know as
Hero Brand Architype
The hero brand archetype with examples. The Hero is all about overcoming obstacles through dedication and hard work. If you
This week I was set the task to write about time management in about 300 words. Taking the macro lens
VW Bug
  There are two ads that both play intertextually on the hipster aesthetic to effectively create meaning. They are the

Advertising Portfolio


The Task: Develop a creative brief, two advertisement storyboards, creative rationales and a description of your creative process in response to a client scenario. The client for this project is Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper who are looking to expand into the Business to business market.

PDF Download:  creative-advertising-and-branding

Creative advertising


Cross Culture Analysis

The Task:  Write a cross-cultural analysis of creative advertising in in South Korea and Australia. Compare four advertisements and show how cultural differences are effect advertisements.

PDF Download: cross-culture-running-shoe-ads