How to build a brand that stands out?

Connect to your audience

Without a clear purpose, a personality, and cross-platform brand storytelling on how you will make a difference, your clients could quickly forget you or dismiss you as yet another branded message in the crowd.

If you don’t already have a website, then that is a good place to start the planning because it will become your key asset that will grow with your business.

An affordable website for small business

Once you have a website, the proven way to stand out is for your brand to have a personality and purpose, and to tell a story that resonates as authentic with your audience. I usually work on this when I plan the website, but if you don’t already have a clear brand, it’s not too late to start telling your story. When you tell this story in a way where your audience sees themselves as the hero, you create a connection.

Resonate as desirable across paid, earned, shared, and owned media

Your audience wants to see the best version of themselves in your story; you build a brand personality to reflect this. When your brand takes on the traits that your audience admires and aspires to become like, you move beyond providing goods and service transactions to becoming a part of their world to make a difference. You build a brand people love and have an affinity with; only then can you create media that resonates, inspires, and has influence across media platforms. Try using a Story brand approach.

Craft an authentic, relatable story that makes your client the hero

When you tell your authentic brand story with personality, in a story format that resonates as purposeful, this can help transform your customers into devoted partners and brand ambassadors. Brand partners and ambassadors as stakeholders will enthusiastically share your message, and you get clear air to breathe above the crowd.

To help you craft an authentic brand that resonates, we created a quiz to help you find your brand’s authentic characteristics that have been proven to resonate with defined markets. Take this brand archetypes quiz to find your brand’s personality traits.

Remember: Purposeful brands with personality and clear, consistent messaging spend less:

  • Effort
  • Emotional Energy
  • Expense

On getting leads and sales.

Stand out! The air is clearer when you elevate your brand above the crowd

Have a plan to stay relevant

Gone are the days when status was king and proving you were bigger and better was important. Authenticity has been described as the new holy grail in advertising and marketing, and there isn’t any shortage of brands competing for the prize. But the authenticity effect requires a strategic plan, and that doesn’t happen by accident. Without a clear purpose, a personality, and cross-platform brand storytelling on how you make a difference, your clients could quickly forget you or dismiss you as yet another branded message in the crowd.

Stand out as authentic!

In today’s cluttered media landscape where competing brands are competing for the precious commodity of attention, consumers have also become savvier at filtering out branded messages that don’t present a relatable personality and purpose. You need a plan!

To craft a purposeful and coherent brand message and stand out from the crowd, an integrated storytelling approach needs application across your paid, earned, shared, and owned, media. Your brand needs to get a personality that resonates with your client’s inner desires and external needs. How do you craft an approach that positions you and your brand as a trusted ally and partner with relatable characteristics? You can start by doing research on your customer base, but creating engagement with quality media content that offers value is what is going to yield the best long-term benefits.

Stand out with personality!

Increasingly, consumers want brands to have a purpose and a personality they can relate to and engage with. The personality traits your brand adopts come to affect everything from your look down to your sales copy, but it is also the medium through which you can have a conversation with all of your brand stakeholders. Portray a brand identity that resonates with your audience and helps inspire them to become the best versions of themselves they can become through your products and services, and they will help tell you what they want, and move products for you?

Having a sociable and relatable brand personality elevates your brand above a mere cash transaction and buts you ahead of the crowd. You want your brand to have that human touch and to inspire brand appeal, trust, loyalty, equity….. Your brand deserves that proper archetype appraisal that can optimise your ability to stand out, resonate and become the foundation of a successful digital media strategy, but it also needs a content strategy to fester continual engagement and feedback.

Let’s make a plan!

Stand out with a plan

Once your brand is operational we provide a plan to stay agile, adaptive, and innovative enough to stand out in the fast-changing digital media conditions starts by having a relatable brand and story communicated in an integrated strategy across paid, shared, and owned media. This starts with doing an inventory of your owned media and plotting a path to building organic traffic growth.

If you don’t already have a website now is the time to start.

My Website Process

Become a thought leader

Using an integrated approach and by starting with evergreen content, we begin to build a holistic communications strategy backed up by research. This is a more sustainable approach than continually burning through your advertising budget. The goal is to have your overall budget required to get new leads reduced and to enhance the value of your brand. You become the respected thought leader in your category.

My one-minute elevator pitch

I can help ! As a successful digital marketer, I can help you with integrating this plan. I have a degree in Communication and (Digital Media) where I graduated with distinction from Deakin university in 2021. I also have a Creative Industries (Film and Media) from the Queensland University of Technology. Most importantly, I already have a portfolio of successful projects. I am ready to help you with a plan, and pathway to stand out, have resonance and become an influential brand both Google, and your potential customers notice.

Start with a brand and owned content audit today.