Creatives in the time it takes to make a coffee

This is more than a post about creating Coffee creatives using Canva. You will see how the images below were created in a video tutorial, but I will also go on to show how I schedule the images to Instagram directly from my PC using a free platform (Later).

Images created using Canva tend to have a professional look. I find the effects you can achieve using a few public domain images, a colour picker tool and a free Canva account quite cool. Actually, I brewed these up in about ten minutes: the time it takes to make a luxurious cuppa. See the public domain image references below.

Which would entice you?

Yesterday I created some pretty coffee creatives and scheduled posts to Instagram. In today’s update, I create a video on how I used #later to schedule using this pretty cool free app.

Using the Later app to Schedule Instagram posts for free from a PC

How I used Later to Schedule Posts for my Instagram Creatives

Inserting ads

There is nothing wrong with inserting ads into your page if they add value to your readers. Next, I added this link to my shop using Woo Commerce.

Add Woocommerce products to any post

See how I created these add links in WooCommerce

Thumbnails and SEO for YouTube

In case you were wondering how I manage to get anyone to watch my video beyond those who see it in my social media feed, here is how I promoted my video on YouTube. By using SEO to garner organic traffic, and by creating an attractive Thumbnail which attracts watchers this will help get my video off to a good start in comparison to other videos with similar content. This is not a highly edited video but it will give you an idea of the steps involved.

Image 1 Coffee by Christoph

Image 2 Men and Women by 5688709 CC0

Image 3 Coffee Heart by KonradJanik CC0

Image 4 Coffee by KonradJanik

YouTube Thumbnail: Instagram by Geralt CC0