Déjà Vu or New? The Hilarious Loop of Trending Topics in 2024

Ah, the merry-go-round of trends! Just when you think you’ve seen the last of them, they make their grand entrance once again, strutting down the cultural catwalk with the confidence of a cat who knows it’s about to knock over your favorite vase. Let’s dive into the top 20 cliché trends that keep repeating themselves,…

Ah, the merry-go-round of trends! Just when you think you’ve seen the last of them, they make their grand entrance once again, strutting down the cultural catwalk with the confidence of a cat who knows it’s about to knock over your favorite vase. Let’s dive into the top 20 cliché trends that keep repeating themselves, proving that history doesn’t just repeat itself; it does so with a cheeky grin.

Given the cyclic nature of trends and our society’s penchant for reviving the old with a new twist, here’s a tongue-in-cheek forecast of what might be “in” next year.


  • Bubble Wrap Outfits: For the environmentally conscious and the anxious poppers alike. It’s fashion that doubles as stress relief!
  • LED Eyelashes: Because why stop at smartwatches when your face can light up notifications too?
  • Reversible Inside-Out Jeans: Can’t decide if you’re feeling dark or light today? Now you don’t have to.


  • Smart Toilets with Personality: They greet you, critique your diet, and share your health stats directly with your fridge, which then locks until you’ve made better life choices.
  • AI Personal Stylists: These digital fashion gurus ensure you’re always wearing the bubble wrap trend correctly, adjusting your outfit’s poppability via an app.
  • Teleporting Drones: For those moments when you can’t be bothered to walk to the fridge for a snack. It might not teleport you, but your snack will arrive in style.

Food and Drink

  • Deconstructed Water: It’s just hydrogen and oxygen in separate containers. You mix it yourself for that authentic H2O experience.
  • Artisanal Ice Cubes: Sourced from the tears of free-range cucumbers, because regular ice is just too mainstream.
  • Prebiotic Pizza: Continuing the gut health craze, now you can feel good about eating pizza three times a day. It’s for your health, after all.

Fitness and Health

  • Zero-Gravity Yoga: Because yoga on a mat is so 2023. Defy gravity and your body’s flexibility limits.
  • Meditative Marathons: Runners wear VR headsets, experiencing serene landscapes while physically running in place, combining mindfulness with cardio.
  • Emotional Weightlifting: Lifting weights that correspond to your emotional baggage. The heavier the heart, the stronger the arms.


  • Choose-Your-Own-Adventure News: News too grim? Swipe left for a happier ending. Reality is overrated, anyway.
  • Revival of Silent Movies: In an overwhelming digital age, silence is golden. Plus, it’s a great excuse to bring back exaggerated mime makeup.
  • Virtual Reality Historical Dramas: Live through the bubonic plague or the signing of the Declaration of Independence from the comfort of your couch. Educational and terrifying.

Social Media and Lifestyle

  • TikTok Time Travel: Users can now post videos from their past or future selves. It’s all the rage until someone spoils the next decade.
  • Influencer Life Coaches: They don’t just sell products anymore; they run your life. Schedule, diet, even who you should be dating—all curated for your personal brand.
  • Sustainable Living Pods: Tiny, eco-friendly pods that you can live in, wear, and eat out of. It’s the ultimate minimalist lifestyle, as long as you’re not claustrophobic.

These humorous predictions for 2024 trends playfully critique our societal tendencies towards novelty, wellness fads, and the ever-blurring line between technology and personal life. While they’re exaggerated, who knows? Given the pace at which we cycle through trends, we might just see one of these come to life.

Top 20 Cliché Trends That Just Won’t Quit

  1. The Fitness Fad of the Year – From Tae Bo to CrossFit, every year, there’s a new way to torture ourselves into shape. Next year, it might just be competitive napping.
  2. Detox Diets – Because apparently, our bodies are full of toxins, and the only cure is lemon water and starvation.
  3. Funky Facial Hair – The beard trend cycles from “lumberjack” to “I forgot to shave” and back again. Wait for the inevitable return of the handlebar mustache.
  4. Return of the Vinyls – Every few years, music purists declare that vinyl’s warm sound beats digital. Your Instagram feed agrees.
  5. The Superfood Saga – Every year, a new berry or seed promises to solve all of life’s problems. Spoiler: It’s usually just a berry.
  6. Fast Fashion Flip-Flops – One day, it’s all about minimalism; the next, we’re drowning in neon. The environment is not amused.
  7. The Annual Declutter – Inspired by whichever guru is trending, we throw out our belongings, only to replace them with newer versions of the same thing.
  8. Bullet Journals and Planners – This year, we’re DEFINITELY going to be organized. Just like last year. And the year before.
  9. The “It” Plant – From succulents to monsteras, there’s always one plant you MUST have, or you’re basically living in a barren wasteland.
  10. Retro Tech Revivals – Cassette tapes, Polaroids, and flip phones make comebacks as we pine for simpler times.
  11. Meditation and Mindfulness Apps – This year, we’re truly going to find inner peace, thanks to an app that reminds us to breathe between ads.
  12. Eco-conscious Everything – Reusable straws, bamboo toothbrushes, and sustainable fashion. Important, yes, but sometimes it feels like déjà vu.
  13. The Home Decor Color of the Year – Suddenly, every interior MUST feature this year’s color, or it’s like you’re living in the past.
  14. Cycling Workout Classes – With new gimmicks each time. Last year, underwater spinning was a thing. What’s next? Spinning in space?
  15. The Quirky Hobby Trend – Pottery, knitting, sourdough baking… By the time you master it, the world has moved on to macramé.
  16. Festival Fashion – Because nothing says “music lover” like flower crowns, fringe, and cultural appropriation.
  17. The Cleanse – Juice cleanses, social media cleanses, friend cleanses… Next up, reality cleanses?
  18. Throwback Fashion – Every year, a new decade is the rage. We’ve revisited everything from the ’20s to the ’90s. Victorian-era corsets, anyone?
  19. The Exotic Vacation Spot – Suddenly, everyone you know is going to the same “undiscovered” paradise. Spoiler: It’s been discovered.
  20. The Miracle Workout Gear – Shoes that tone your legs, leggings that lift your butt… If only they came with motivation.

So, there you have it, the relentless cycle of trends that keep us on our toes, wallets open, and storage units full. Here’s to embracing the familiar with a sense of humor and a healthy dose of skepticism. After all, what’s old will be new again—just give it a year or two.

Prebiotic Soda

The advent of prebiotic soda neatly encapsulates the cyclical and, let’s face it, somewhat absurd nature of consumer trends that often leave me with a raised eyebrow and a healthy dose of cynicism. Here we have a product that marries the age-old appeal of fizzy drinks with the modern obsession with gut health, promising to deliver all the fun of a soda with the added benefit of nurturing your microbiome. It’s as if the beverage industry, running out of ideas to entice a health-conscious public that’s grown weary of sugar-laden drinks, decided to sprinkle some prebiotic magic into the mix, declaring it the elixir of life. This move exemplifies the trend industry’s knack for repackaging familiar concepts with just enough of a wellness spin to make them seem novel and essential. While I can’t help but applaud the creativity, my cynical side wonders if we’re not just witnessing another clever marketing ploy, designed to exploit our collective longing for both comfort and health in a bottle. It’s a reminder that, in the trend cycle, what’s old can always be made new again, as long as you can convince people it’s what they need—even if it’s just soda with a side of supposed gut health benefits.

The cyclical nature of trends, particularly those that tug at the strings of nostalgia, speaks volumes about human behavior, cultural dynamics, and the underlying psychology that drives societies. On a deeper, more critical level, the resurgence of these trends and our collective response to them reveal several key insights about nostalgia and its powerful influence on our lives.

Nostalgia as a Cultural Anchor

Nostalgia serves as a cultural anchor, offering stability and comfort in an ever-changing world. As societies evolve at a breakneck pace, especially with the rapid advancement of technology, there’s a collective yearning for simpler times. This yearning isn’t just about reverting to past decades but finding solace in the familiar. It reflects a desire to connect with a time perceived as less complicated or more genuine, even if that perception isn’t entirely accurate.

The Role of Nostalgia in Identity Formation

On an individual level, nostalgia plays a significant role in identity formation. The trends we reminisce about or choose to revive are often tied to pivotal moments in our personal development. They can remind us of our youth, key life events, or even people who were important to us during those times. By revisiting these trends, we’re essentially revisiting parts of ourselves, perhaps rediscovering aspects of our identity that we’ve lost or neglected over the years.

Nostalgia as a Response to Uncertainty

The appeal of nostalgia is particularly strong during times of uncertainty or distress. When faced with global challenges—be it economic crises, political instability, or environmental threats—societies often turn to the past for reassurance. This isn’t merely escapism but a way to cope with the present by drawing strength from the past. Nostalgic trends offer a sense of continuity and resilience, suggesting that if we’ve navigated challenges before, we can do so again.

The Commercialization of Nostalgia

Critically, the resurgence of nostalgic trends also highlights the commercialization of nostalgia. Industries capitalize on these sentimental yearnings, marketing products and experiences that promise a return to “the good old days.” While this can be seen as exploiting our desire to connect with the past, it also underscores the power of nostalgia as a driving force in consumer behavior. The repeated cycles of trends suggest that nostalgia is not just a fleeting emotion but a valuable commodity.

The Double-edged Sword of Nostalgia
Finally, while nostalgia can provide comfort and a sense of identity, it also poses the risk of idealizing the past at the expense of the present and future. A critical view of nostalgic trends urges us to question whether our glorification of the past prevents us from fully engaging with the present or innovating for the future. It challenges us to discern between the genuine appreciation of past aesthetics and values and a reluctance to embrace change and progress.

In conclusion, the repetitive nature of trends, fueled by nostalgia, offers a lens through which to examine broader societal dynamics and individual behaviors. It reveals our collective longing for connection, stability, and identity in a rapidly changing world. At the same time, it prompts critical reflection on how we engage with the past, ensuring that our nostalgic affections enhance rather than hinder our ability to navigate the present and envision the future.

But really these are what is happening in 2024

  1. AI and Generative Art: With the advancement in AI technologies, generative art has likely continued to grow in popularity. This includes images created or manipulated by AI, offering unique, sometimes surreal visuals that can’t be easily replicated by humans.
  2. Retro and Nostalgia: A resurgence of past decades’ styles, such as the ’80s and ’90s aesthetics, might still be popular, blending vintage elements with modern design for a fresh look.
  3. Sustainability and Nature: Imagery that focuses on sustainability, the environment, and the natural world, reflecting society’s increasing concern about climate change and environmental degradation.
  4. Inclusivity and Diversity: A broader representation of cultures, ethnicities, and identities in imagery, reflecting global movements towards inclusivity and diversity.
  5. Minimalism and Simplicity: The continued appeal of minimalist design, with clean lines, simple color palettes, and uncluttered compositions, could remain strong, especially in branding and product design.
  6. Mixed Media and Hybrid Art: Combining different mediums, such as photography and painting or digital and traditional art, to create innovative, eye-catching pieces.
  7. Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi: As technology advances, imagery that reflects futuristic, dystopian themes with neon colors and cybernetic motifs might become more prevalent, inspired by video games and science fiction.
  8. Authenticity and Rawness: A move away from overly polished, perfect images towards more authentic, raw, and real-life aesthetics, capturing genuine emotions and moments.
  9. 3D Design and Typography: The use of 3D elements and bold typography in graphic design, offering a more dynamic and immersive visual experience.
  10. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): With the growth of AR and VR technologies, imagery that can be integrated or is designed for these platforms may become more common, offering interactive and immersive experiences.

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