More and more these days the big players are creating monopolies as gatekeepers. We accept we live in the world and we will show you the tips and tricks on how to use the tools needed to position you for success. As the actual producers of the “content”  in the digital zone, we want to do what we can to plug you into an ecosystem which allows for maximum flexibility and forges a path for sustainable future of the web.

This is where we will have links to articles, tutorials, and network about all things for the sustainable digital peer to peer, co-operative media futures that contribute to success for all, not only the corporate interests of FB, Uber, Google and the like.

Even if you have used our graphic design services as a customer it never hurts to keep up to date with what is happening in the digital space. We are getting to work making this page more active with regular posts, youtube updates, and great tips and ideas.

Joining Team Human


Image adapted from CC0 by John Hain (Handshake)

I’ve really been interested in this movement since I wrote the Narcissism, ant the poltergeist in the Machine blog post.  We use open source software and encourage others to do the same as I start to create a graphic design business. Curiously, I have also never owned a smartphone with a data connection, not that I would expect anyone else to go there. We live in the real world. But I’m sure there are things we can do to make a huge difference.

I’m for Team Human. How about you? DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF – TEAM HUMAN



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