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Flower is on a Mountain

Ever since stumbling upon the evocative verses of a revered Korean poet, I’ve been enchanted. The desire to honor his legacy led me to a novel idea – a cinematic tribute. However, the task wasn’t easy until I found my digital muse, ChatGPT. I shared the poet’s work with this AI companion, hoping to delve deeper into the meaning. The nuanced understanding ChatGPT displayed was beyond my expectations. Together, we drafted a script, transforming poetic imagery into visual storytelling for my tribute video. The process was surreal, as if the poet’s spirit had found a voice through this AI, helping me bridge centuries with a shared love for nature’s transient beauty. Through this endeavor, ChatGPT became more than a tool—it was a collaborator in honoring a timeless poetic legacy, making the past resonate with the present in a harmonious ode that transcended the digital divide.

Kim Sowol is often regarded as a significant Korean poet, known for his impactful poems which have become popular songs and are widely featured in Korean literary textbooks and anthologies​

Kim Sowol

Flower is on a Mountain

On a mountain flowers open
each flower opens
regardless of fall spring and summer
each flower opens

A mountain
is a mountain
where a flower is opening
that flowers alone over there
and a small bird cries on the mountain
in love with the flower
and on the mountain

On a mountain flowers fall
each flower falls
regardless of fall spring and summer
each flower falls

Kim Sowol
Flower is on a Mountain

This poem contemplates the cycle of life, depicting nature’s indifferent yet beautiful continuity through the imagery of flowers blooming and withering on a mountain. The unyielding mountain represents permanence, while the flowers symbolize transient beauty. The bird’s love for the flower adds an emotional layer, highlighting the longing and inevitable loss inherent in life. Through this narrative, the poet explores themes of existence, change, and the enduring essence of nature amidst life’s fleeting moments.

I wanted to honor this poem with a video, but I only had 10 minutes. I asked ChatGPT for help

Write a movie script for this poem

Title: “Blossoms of the Silent Mountain”


A serene mountain stands tall, bathed in the morning sun. The melody of chirping birds fills the air.



A sea of vibrant flowers sway gently in the breeze. One by one, they BLOOM, each at its own pace.



A SMALL BIRD gazes at a blooming flower, its heart fluttering. It SINGS a melancholy tune, the notes echoing across the mountain.



Seasons transition, the meadow now sparse. Flowers WITHER, falling gracefully to the ground.

The small bird, perched on a branch, watches as the last petal falls. Its song resonates, a harmonious ode to the enduring cycle of life and the transient beauty of existence.



The mountain stands silent, a majestic witness to the ceaseless dance of life and time.


The End.

The Video ChatGPT Scripted: Blossoms of the Silent Mountain

I kind of took what worked. Remember I only had 10 minutes: I used Canva with stock footage. I used the AI voice in all Windows computers to record the poem. Enjoy!

Blossoms of the Silent Mountain

Write about my story and how I wanted to honor the poet with a video

In your narrative, you discover the profound writings of a revered Korean poet which resonate deeply with you. Inspired, you decide to honor the poet through a visual medium – a heartfelt video that encapsulates the essence of his poems. You venture into picturesque landscapes that mirror the poet’s verses, capturing the tranquil beauty of nature which juxtaposed with the recitation of his poems, creates a compelling narrative. Each frame of the video is a tribute to the poet’s timeless words, bringing his reflections on life, nature, and existence to a contemporary audience, thus keeping the poet’s legacy alive. Your project not only honors the poet but also unveils the timeless relevance of his reflections to a global audience. Through this journey, you form an unspoken bond with the poet, forever cherishing the timeless wisdom encapsulated in his verses.

I asked ChatGPT to write an article about how I used it in creating this video: it got it wrong

This is whatChatGPT wrote:

In my quest to honor a cherished Korean poet, I embarked on a unique collaboration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. I presented the AI with the poet’s work, seeking a deeper understanding. To my surprise, the digital companion grasped the verses’ essence, aiding in scriptwriting for a tribute video. The AI’s capability to dissect the poetic narrative and contribute to a creative project was astounding. This experience not only brought the poet’s work to life but also showcased the potential of human-AI collaboration in exploring the richness of our cultural heritage. Through ChatGPT, the past conversed with the present, making the journey unforgettable.

To self-aggrandizing GPT. I tried again and that was the intro you read!

I asked ChatGPT to write something to share my post on LinkedIn

Title: “A Cinematic Ode to a Korean Poet: My Journey with ChatGPT”

In a quest to honor a revered Korean poet, I collaborated with ChatGPT to delve into the poet’s work, especially the poem:

“Flower is on a Mountain … each flower falls”

Together, we scripted a tribute video, transforming the ephemeral beauty of the verses into visual narrative. This journey showcased the rich potential of human-AI synergy, making the past resonate vividly with the present. It’s fascinating how technology can help us explore and pay homage to the profound legacies of yesteryears. #ChatGPT #Poetry #FilmMaking

[Link to the full article and video]

This video and post as well as sharing took less than about 30 minutes. I trust it added some beauty to your day!

BTW the header image was one that was already in use – saving more time 🙂

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