Hero Brand Architype

Hero Brand Archetype

The hero brand archetype with examples. The Hero is all about overcoming obstacles through dedication and hard work. If you have the grit and determination, you can outperform your competitors or foes. Justice will triumph over evil.

Hero Brand Architype
Hero Brand Archetype

Strategy for the hero brand archetype

Remember that it is your clients who are the Heroes, and your business plays a role in inspiring them. Set challenges and inspiration to go up a level. Gamification works well with Hero brands, as people love to step up level by level, leaving a bigger legacy as they go.

When you are crafting your why statement from your customer’s perspective, you can focus on how you want to improve the world because of what you offer. But remember to take on the role of the guide. If this is Star Wars, you are Yoda rather than Luke Skywalker.

Heroes also love a bit of reward, recognition, and gratification.

Examples of the hero brand archetype in advertising

In this Nike ad, greatness becomes about overcoming insurmountable adversity. It is a variation of Just Do it, which really encapsulates the Hero ethos.

Fears of the Hero Brand Archetype

Nothing is worse for the hero than not giving it a try. And that is what we see in the NIKE ad. All the people are heroes because they try.

But every business has challenges.

Marketing for the Hero Brand Archetype

Examples of the Hero Archetype

Some examples of the Hero Archetype are Rocky and Hunger Games


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