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Big city design standards, small-town location.

Through understanding your organization, business or product, and your clients we are better able to construct marketing and branding identity solutions which position your business for success.

We understand not every company has the high-end skills and resources to create their logos and digital creations in-house. There are lots of good reasons to use our talented team including the following:

  • You want to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression.
  • You want to save you a lot of trouble, time and money down the track.
  • You want to keep your identity consistent.
  • You want a designer with specialised skills to convey the message, mood and energy you are trying to convey and get the needed results.

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This form will illustrate the steps in our design process. If you are then ready to go ahead this is the best way to get the highly individualised consultation procedures started. We need to get to know your business quite well. otherwise what we do is only pretty pictures.

Keep up to date with the fast-moving digital zone.

This site has a dual purpose as a working design agency using open source software, like Inkscape, Gimp and WordPress and a place to network, and collaborate. We are busy creating a collaborative, entrepreneurial learning network to share the tips and tricks we have learned with our clients but also create sustainability on the web. Here are some of the more recent posts:

Learning LearnDash
In this field report on using the LearnDash learning management system (LMS), I’d like to take you through some of
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Ethical Gamification for a Sustainable Planet
If you struggled with this then check out my introduction to gamification. Most fortune 500 companies now use gamification in
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Internet of humanity
There’s the Internet of things IoT but what about the Internet of Humanity IoH?
An Internet of Humanity IoH to resist Surveillance Capitalism There’s the Internet of things IoT but what about the Internet
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The Possibilities and Limitations of Internet Activism
The health of the public sphere as a gauge to the possibilities and limitations of internet activism in the networked
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Video, Editing and Photography Examples
This is a portfolio of some of the recent videos I have produced. Most of them use my own video
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Petri Dish – A sci-fi short story
A girl called Delphia in a study In a bright and happy bedroom, Delphia, a primary school girl is sprinkled
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The Democratising Potential of Celebrity and Cosmopolitan Solidarity
The role celebrities play in promoting cosmopolitan values over communitarian tribalism was highlighted in the recent presidential inauguration of Donald
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You’re Fake Microcelebrity: Performing the Commodity of Authenticity
This is my undergraduate video and exegesis attempt at understanding celebrity culture and authenticity. Also, see the follow-up article The
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Celebrity and Ideology in #Vanlife
The Wanderlust of #Vanlife (2015) examines the travelling and blogging movement established by Foster Huntington, who quit a Manhattan corporate
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Digital Divides and The Creative Commons
While rampant, unsustainable, growth-oriented capitalism has become the underlying code that is driving digital divides we can take hope in
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public domain


In creating these mock-ups for my portfolio I have adapted public domain images. All others are my own.

CC0 by Free-Photos (Hands of Craftsmen)

CC0 by Ryan McGuire (Relaxed Male)

CC0 by Asder Knaster (smartphone)

CC0 by Stock Snap (beer bottle)

Thanks also to Logos by Nick for his helpful tutorials and permission to use images adapted from tutorials. 


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