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Rebel/Explorer Archetype Sustainable Travel Project

If I have been a little quiet online lately, that’s because I have been working on Green Travel List. This site focuses on sustainable travel options from resorts to eco-lodges and takes in a range of options like treehouses and glamping options.

COVID has changed the world in many ways, and travel is not an exception. I believe in the future, we will move further toward living purposeful intentional lives and this will also increasingly influence our consumer choices. I want to position sustainable travel options as viable options for more people when they sit down to plan their travel and to make it easier for individuals to choose these, and that’s what my new project is all about.

As far as branding is concerned, I see this project fitting in with the Rebel archetype and the Explorer archetype.

The explorer archetype is a pretty obvious choice. Travel is all about going out, finding authentic experiences which have not been corrupted by too many tourists and commercialization. The sustainable green travel hotel and resorts I promote often have their goals aligned with these values as well. This makes the job of finding partnerships and co-branding collaborations easier.

Explorer Brand Archetype

The rebellion part of this project is about changing the conventions of travel.

Rebel Brand Archetype

I did make a video early in 2022 when I was starting the project, mainly as a demonstration of how the world of making online websites for a profit works. I’ve written quite a bit on this blog about starting social enterprises, then it is perhaps surprising that here I am making a video entitled how to make money in 10 days. In the context of a green travel website, this might seem a little like greenwashing to make a profit, but can I assure you from my own perspective this is not the case. Rather, this is authentically and legitimately an attempt, a serious attempt to follow my passions and write about something purposeful and meaningful.

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