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Canva for social graphics
Canva for social media image graphics

Today on tips and tricks we introduce Canva as a way to make infographics. I find myself using Canva lot’s these days for those simple quick image work, where we want to present professional looking design but can’t afford to fuss all day about the production of it. Image Adapted from CC0 by Stefan Keller (Fantasy) Consider: How you can use Canva to improve how your business is represented.

About Page – Ricky Wright
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Hi, I’m Ricky, a creative and innovative digital design and multimedia marketer for social enterprise. Through the inclusion of entertaining and gamified multimedia, infographics, and video productions, I have consistently established loyal social media brand tribes in my entrepreneurial projects, in my relevance to my networked communities, and my recent role as a paid social media intern at Deakin University Cloud Campus. Socials I run for Communication Generation, … Read More

Image Manipulation by Communication Generation Bundaberg
Photo Retouching
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Looking for quality photo retouching in Bundaberg? At Communication Generation photo retouching has been in the family for generations. Yes, in fact, that has something to do with how we choose our name. This is a picture that my Grandma retouched during the war of herself and my Grandad. It was great to have the chance to work on the same picture generations later. We are also open … Read More

Globe Image Vector
Vector Image Logos
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This short video can help give you realistic expectations about what vector image logos can and can’t do.   Check out some Logo examples in our Portfolio if you have not done this already. If you are ready to start making your logo why not start by providing us with some key information through this form.   In creating these mock-ups for my portfolio I have adapted public domain … Read More

The jar logo left a space to add the product name which changed from week to week.
Solving Design Issues
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My Market Business Marketing Success Story   Before I was a graphic designer I was starting a fermented food market stall. I needed a log to go with my product which was produced in a licensed home kitchen. The small scale of my business meant I was able to change my product list each week to correspond with the seasonal produce which was available at the local farmers market.   … Read More

Creative solutions in crafting your personalised persona.
What We Do
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      What do we do?   From the ideation through to delivery our bright, talented team can assist you with: Brand strategy & identity from local to global Vector logos Marketing & materials Websites – Responsive digital age websites with our sister company Bowerbird Beb Design Advertising Image Retouching and Restoration And importantly, by joining our community of learners you can stay up to date with what … Read More

black lives matter

American pro-gun culture has it that guns don’t kill people, people do. As easy to extend this logic to social media and the internet there are serious issues with such comparisons. Media guru Douglas Rushkoff says, ‘guns don’t kill people, but you can do a lot more damage with a gun than you can with a pillow’. He is referring to the inherent affordances of social media when … Read More