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Hi, This is the first post to get the conversation rolling on digital media topics that entertain, thrill, and educate. I realise the nature of web 2.0 means that I will likely mean that I am the main person contributing for a while, but that’s fine. I enjoy doing it and look forward to the day when I have company here. Today’s post is a Youtube video I made showing how we use Pinterest today.

You may easily think the process I use looks a little impersonal and mass produced. And you are right there. At the same time, I can’t see the sense in culturing well-thought-out pins that people won’t even see.

What I love about Pinterest is that you can continue to receive backlinks and real traffic to your website long after you have made your Pin. And you have a permanent backlink which has the potential of going semi-viral at any stage. This is a lot different to other more popular social media sits where the rewards for your effort evaporate almost as fast as you hit the post key.

Image adapted from CC0 by Pete Linforth (Pinterest)


I’ve been pinning like this for about a year now on and off and to give you an idea of the results the account

Avg. monthly viewers
Avg. monthly engaged
This results in about 60 people visiting the site a day through Pinterest and thousands of backlinks.  Then while this is better than nothing cant really say I’m a Pinterest expert the results make the time and effort worthwhile at this stage..

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