About Ricky Wright: Navigating the Digital Landscape with a Social Purpose

Hello there! I am Ricky Wright, the face behind Communication Generation, where digital design meets social enterprise. My journey in the digital realm is fueled by a blend of creativity, innovation, and a staunch belief in the power of digital platforms to instigate positive societal change.

About Ricky Wright

My Professional Persona:

I am a digital design and multimedia marketer with a flair for creating engaging, gamified multimedia, infographics, and video productions. Over the years, my endeavors have consistently fostered loyal social media brand tribes across various entrepreneurial projects and networked communities. My recent stint as a paid social media intern at Deakin University Cloud Campus is a testament to my ongoing engagement with the academic and digital spheres.

My Hipster Voyage:

An insightful dive into post-structuralist theories steered me towards embracing the persona of a hipster. This transformative phase nudged me closer to contemporary generational archetypes and values, enriching my perspective and approach towards digital engagement.

Bridging Generations:

I am passionate about understanding and connecting with the younger generations, particularly Generation Alpha and Generation Z. Through my work, I explore the evolution of generational archetypes and the significant role digital technology plays in shaping values and behaviors.

Academia and Entrepreneurial Ventures:

While on the brink of completing my bachelor’s degree in communication (Digital Media) at Deakin University, I have had the privilege of being invited into The Golden Key International Honour Society for my academic achievements. Parallelly, my entrepreneurial spirit has led me to build and run successful affiliate websites and online social media marketing campaigns. More recently, I have been instrumental in launching online learning platforms and am responsible for multimedia at pianochordscourse.com.

Vision for Sustainable Social Change:

My current focus orbits around leveraging innovative digital design and multimedia marketing for sustainable social change. I am dedicated to establishing nurturing participatory social media brand tribes, communities, and networks using engaging design, video, and storytelling across all digital channels.

The ChatGPT Experiment:

My exploration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT in scripting my personal brand narrative has opened a window into the evolving paradigms of personal branding. This experiment stands as a hallmark of innovation, showcasing the potential of human-AI collaboration in articulating compelling personal brand narratives.

Feel free to navigate through Communication Generation to discover my social enterprise projects, associated social media campaigns, and a portfolio that reflects my passion for digital design, multimedia marketing, and social enterprise.

Let’s embark on a digital voyage towards creating resonant narratives and fostering sustainable social change together!

Connect with me on LinkedIn, or drop me an email at rickjade@communication-generation.com.

Communication Generation acts as my portfolio:

Check out my social enterprise project with an associated social media campaign to see the type of work I am into.

Here are a few aspects of the work I’m currently putting together (June, July 2020).

I have a Bachelor of Creative Industries from the Queensland University of Technology and am currently studying Digital Media & Communication at Deakin University and am I achieving a High Distinction + GPA. I have studied graduate entry Bachelor of Behavior Studies from the University of Queensland earning the Deans Special Commendation or Excellence.