Hi, I’m Ricky and Communication Generation is my portfolio. As the resident graphic designer and digital media designer, and blogger I’m here to inspire others and create.


Here are a few aspects of my work I’m currently putting together (June July 2020).

I have been playing around with creating a few piano quizzes for our piano course. Quizzes and games are a
COVID 19 Phones
The neuroscience of mindfulness reveals how mindful attention can change the brain, mould identity, improve awareness and bridge mental connections
Students phone use at Deakin
This study explores the everyday practices of phone use in university students and their attitudes towards a surveillance culture and
If you struggled with this then check out my introduction to gamification. Most fortune 500 companies now use gamification in
Figure 4: Tattoo artist Ember, Nike. (2018)
PDF DOWNLOAD: Cross-cultural analysis of sports brand creative advertising in Australia and South Korea As globalised sports brands increasingly look to
Pinterest for business
Hi, This is the first post to get the conversation rolling on digital media topics that entertain, thrill, and educate.
public relations
Some examples of my planned, strategic communications. This portfolio of tactics will give you an idea of some of my
soft skills
Lets start with virtues Courage As a creative it is important to have the courage to pursue ideas. And then
Making a podcast
This is Episode 1. in the Van life Culture series. Where we put the lens on the van life travelling
Gimp for Restoration work
Here are a few of the tips and tricks I used to restore an old photograph that has deteriorated using

I have a Bachelor of Creative Industries from the Queensland University of Technology and am currently studying Digital Media & Communication at Deakin University and am achieving a High Distinction + GPA. I have studied graduate entry Bachelor of Behavior Studies from the University of Queensland earning the Deans Special Commendation or Excellence.

Distinction from the University of Queensland

Skills Summary:

  • Video Production
  • Gamification
  • Blogging
  • Photo Editing

I’ll continue to update the blog here weekly with ideas in digital communication, advertising, social media, public relations and all aspects of digital media as well as the tips, and tricks which have helped in my online digital business in the past as a co-owner of https://www.luxury-resort-bliss.com/.

Thanks are given to for the smoke brush effect brush I used to create my profile image to xreach:  https://xresch.deviantart.com/. Collaboration makes the world go around!

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