Hi, I’m Ricky. I run Communication Generation as the resident Graphic Designer and digital media blogger…..

I’m into working with others to make stand out designs and share the digital media tips and tricks which are essential to every business today. Digital communication skills in design, advertising, social media marketing, and public relations are the difference between success and irrelevance.

I also blog and vlog about the digital future and how technology emerges out of the sociao political context….

I’m also interested in helping distributed, sustainable, worker-owned co-ops. That’s why I encourage media participation, activism, and collaboration and share all the tips and tricks to help your business achieve success like I do. If you have an online startup and are trying to make it happen, I’m on your side. The community I am creating here works and collaborates to the benefits of all of the members.

I also have a passion for Graphic Design. I use free open source software, like Inkscape, Gimp and WordPress and share my stories on how you too can have success in using these too.

I also take a bit of an interest in celebrity studies, persona, and authenticity and how digital can effect these….

I have a Bachelor of Creative industries from the Queensland University of Technology and am currently studying Digital Media & Communication at Deakin University.

I’ll continue to update the blog here weekly with ideas in digital communication, advertising, social media, public relations and all aspects of digital media as well as the tips, and tricks which have helped in my online digital business in the past as an owner (with my wife) of https://www.luxury-resort-bliss.com/.

Together we can create a collaborative learning space and a place to network. Let’senjoy success together!

The most important member of our small team.

Like I said I like to collaborate. As a designer, I work with webmaster (like Spiderman) and chief. While I made this site, its amateur in comparison to the stuff that April does at Bower Bird Web Design.

Together we have run together a small media empire which has had a huge following in our respective families. Back in 2007, we started our travel affiliate website Luxury Resort Bliss to fund living back in Australia and travel after living overseas for a number of years. The project worked fabulously and we have now worked on more projects which have allowed us to work in Australia and Canada and visit other countries. But more importantly, relative success has allowed us to enjoy more quality family time together.

I’ll let April introduce herself more fully in her own words on her own site but will mention she now runs our sister company Bower Bird Web Design which become operational in early 2018. We are a mum and dad based company located in Elliott Heads near Bundaberg.

We trust that we can help you enjoy the better things in life too through having an effective digital presence.

Thanks are given to for the smoke brush effect brush I used to create my profile image to xreach:  https://xresch.deviantart.com/. Collaboration makes the world go around!

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