Solving Design Issues

My Market Business Marketing Success Story


Before I was a graphic designer I was starting a fermented food market stall. I needed a log to go with my product which was produced in a licensed home kitchen. The small scale of my business meant I was able to change my product list each week to correspond with the seasonal produce which was available at the local farmers market.


A logo that changed everything


With a little insight, I was able to create a simple black and white logo that I could use on my labels which I printed out on my home printer. Because I used simple peel off stickers I was able to change the ingredient list and the nutritional information strip which each new product which sometimes consisted of a run of fewer than 100 jars. Each week I would go to market with a traditional fermented food from a different area of the world and our valued customers, whom we treated as friends loved it.


The jar logo left a space to add the product name which changed from week to week.
The jar logo left a space to add the product name which changed from week to week.


Marketing products that leveraged the logo

The simple black and white logo on a canvas banner combined with a brightly colours background were used in the banner creation which helped customers to connect with our market stall business. I contrasted the artisan black and white with the bright colors of some fermented food creations we had crafted in the ideation stage of our business. The background picture I used was one I had taken in Canada when my wife and I were experimenting with different fermented foods from around the world and creating the idea for the business.

At market with the banner
At market with the banner


Know your story


The market stall became quite a success, and often I would take the time to answer questions about the banner, and the origins of our business. Or when someone asked about how we got started I was able to simply point behind and explain. Eventually, the business outgrew my desire to make such a lot of food in a home kitchen. This is why we now take the time to know your story and your clients.


Social media made a difference


The great part was I was able to have a logo and banner design I was happy with, including iterations that worked well on the website and in social media. Before I went to market in a new town I was able to effectively target people who were likely interested in fermented food and let them know that finally there was a quality fermented food company coming to a market stall near them. People would say at the market that they would see these ads on social media, and then I would see them week after week.


An iteration of the logo which could serve on the website or in social media



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