End frame = Owl represents knowledge achieved through biometric tracking Call to action to get the app Image: Owl by Chraecker (Public Domain CC0) Image: Hand by Clikr (Public Domain CC0)
Ever wondered how to change your business structure and branding to a not for profit status? By changing to this
If you struggled with this then check out my introduction to gamification. Most fortune 500 companies now use gamification in
Advertising identifies trends, raids culture and constructs desires (Lyth, p3). Through a semiotic qualitative textual analysis, this paper explores how
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I am going to start updating some jobs I have worked on, and the creative projects I am currently working
If I have been a little quiet online lately, that's because I have been working on Green Travel List. This
While numbers never tell the full story, it is sometimes useful and kind of fascinating to have an objective measure
Piano Afilliate program
Hi guys. I am using an affiliate program for the piano chords course and membership club. This allows you to
Hero Brand Architype
The hero brand archetype with examples. The Hero is all about overcoming obstacles through dedication and hard work. If you
Design Thinking
Tim Brown, of global design and consulting firm IDEO, defines design thinking as a ‘human-centred approach to innovation that draws
Find a word
This is a game I created where users participate in finding social media platforms. It is really easy to set
There is not any going back to normal Air New Zealand Ad created for the reopening of the travel bubble
12 Brand Archetypes
Here is my version of the 12 brand archetypes quiz. In step one, we identify the primary driver and in
Toilet Paper Creative Advertising
Advertising students at Deakin University produced campaigns with one to get presented to the amazing social enterprise we know as