Public Relations

Design Thinking
Tim Brown, of global design and consulting firm IDEO, defines design thinking as a ‘human-centred approach to innovation that draws
Connect to your audience Without a clear purpose, a personality, and cross-platform brand storytelling on how you will make a
There is not any going back to normal Air New Zealand Ad created for the reopening of the travel bubble
End frame = Owl represents knowledge achieved through biometric tracking Call to action to get the app Image: Owl by Chraecker (Public Domain CC0) Image: Hand by Clikr (Public Domain CC0)
Ever wondered how to change your business structure and branding to a not for profit status? By changing to this
Students phone use at Deakin
This study explores the everyday practices of phone use in university students and their attitudes towards a surveillance culture and
If you struggled with this then check out my introduction to gamification. Most fortune 500 companies now use gamification in
Internet of humanity
An Internet of Humanity IoH to resist Surveillance Capitalism There's the Internet of things IoT but what about the Internet
Advertising identifies trends, raids culture and constructs desires (Lyth, p3). Through a semiotic qualitative textual analysis, this paper explores how
Black lives matter
Mobile phone use has become ubiquitous (fig. 1), especially among the young and wealthy with more than five billion uses
The health of the public sphere as a gauge to the possibilities and limitations of internet activism in the networked
A girl called Delphia in a study In a bright and happy bedroom, Delphia, a primary school girl is sprinkled
Looking for a bit of self-efficacy power up through Gamification? You have come to the right place. This blog looks
The role celebrities play in promoting cosmopolitan values over communitarian tribalism was highlighted in the recent presidential inauguration of Donald
This is my undergraduate video and exegesis attempt at understanding celebrity culture and authenticity. Also, see the follow-up article The
public relations
Some examples of my planned, strategic communications. This portfolio of tactics will give you an idea of some of my