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7 May 2019


Council encourages active citizenship after an incident at Wallaby Swamp

Burralinga Council has asked for calm, community collaboration after an incident today involving protesters and potential developers in Wallaby Forest today in which a man was hit by a truck.

The Envision Constructions truck was doing routine maintenance of the site when it collided with the man.  He was taken to Burralinga Hospital where he is in a serious condition with head injuries.

Council Environmental Officer, Gareth Seacombe, was there at the time of the incident facilitating the council’s community action plan for the site.

“I was up there to provide information about the environmental overlay and make it clear what native vegetation can and can’t be touched,” Seacombe said.

“We will have a full report out for community consultation involving all the stakeholders by next week,” he said.

Burralinga Council is promoting active citizenship and encouraging everyone to get involved in the joint planning process and looking to ensure the adequate planning process is in place before any development takes place.

Social cohesion is achieved by giving all the stakeholders involved the chance to have their say in the future of our local environment and its sustainable development.

Councillor, Veronica Patello has urged community members to unite and get involved as active citizens in shaping the communities shared goals saying, “We intend to resolve this problem at Wallaby Forest collaboratively in line with our economic, social and environmental responsibilities”.

“Our stakeholder engagement plan means we will consult widely to bring about a community solution in a sensitive and orderly way,” said Patello.

Whereas the incident could cause division, the community is working hard to bond through active participation, compassion and the bringing together of people to find solutions.


Contact Ricky Wright

Communications Officer at Burralinga Council

Phone: 0432 000 000

Email: communications@burralinga.gov

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