Hourly rate one-on-one mentoring via Zoom

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Hourly Rate One on One Mentoring via Zoom. Various topics

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I can work with you or your team on implementing your own digital marketing strategies.

End frame = Owl represents knowledge achieved through biometric tracking Call to action to get the app Image: Owl by Chraecker (Public Domain CC0) Image: Hand by Clikr (Public Domain CC0)
Ever wondered how to change your business structure and branding to a not for profit status? By changing to this
Black lives matter
Mobile phone use has become ubiquitous (fig. 1), especially among the young and wealthy with more than five billion uses
If you struggled with this then check out my introduction to gamification. Most fortune 500 companies now use gamification in
Advertising identifies trends, raids culture and constructs desires (Lyth, p3). Through a semiotic qualitative textual analysis, this paper explores how
facebook image
I am going to start updating some jobs I have worked on, and the creative projects I am currently working
Looking to make your copy a little more relevant and engaging? This makeover of an ad will provide some insights
Design Thinking
Tim Brown, of global design and consulting firm IDEO, defines design thinking as a ‘human-centred approach to innovation that draws
The awesome Millicent Nankivell ( and I belong to a Digital Media alumni group (#DDMAlimni on Twitter). We met on
Find a word
This is a game I created where users participate in finding social media platforms. It is really easy to set
This is more than a post about creating Coffee creatives using Canva. You will see how the images below were
Monetize Your Blog in 10 Minutes
Today I am adding Google Site Kit to my WordPress site as a way to earn income from Google Adsense.
Toilet Paper Creative Advertising
Advertising students at Deakin University produced campaigns with one to get presented to the amazing social enterprise we know as
I have been playing around with creating a few piano quizzes for our piano course. Quizzes and games are a

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  1. Ricky Wright (verified owner)

    This is what a review looks like in the WooCommerce shop plugin. I’ve used some positive feedback I received for university assignments here.

    Global Media

    Clearly, you have done extensive research on the topic.

    This is a well-written essay. I certainly enjoyed reading it. I am particularly impressed by your sophisticated discussion of the relevant theoretical literature.

    Gamified Media

    This was the last blog post I marked. I don’t always mark alphabetically, but it was a brilliant epic finish to the process.

    Ethical Communication and Citizenship

    Ricky, there is some excellent identification of key messages and framing

    You’ve written here a strong ethical news story.

    Ricky, this is a wonderful first assessment – you clearly connected these texts to broader cultural shifts and used the unit’s concepts and terminology very well.

    Ricky some excellent writing here and good use of extended reading and textbook sources.

    Advertising Principles And Practices

    This was a very impressive presentation with clarity in analysis and assessment throughout.

    A very detailed and visually rich assessment.

    Great creative title for your blog post and podcast

    Lovely branding of your podcast – great image!

    Excellent choice of music and nice editing throughout

    Your delivery is fantastic – very clear and engaging – lots of variety in tone and pace

    Your script is great – really good personal reflections, great examples of Van Life, Patreon.


    A fantastically detailed reflection that covers all the main tasks undertaken to produce this podcast

    You present a very balanced perspective on your topic, very sophisticated reflection and incorporate theoretical concepts well

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