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Usually, in recent year, I head straight for Videopad when I am looking for a great free editor. Videopad is a great program and it remains my first choice when it comes to free and inexpensive video editors but lately, my allegiances are shifting. If you are looking to use the free version of Videopad use this link and watch you don’t accidentally download the trial version which could ask for money when you go to export.

I have tried a handful of the top editors and it has come down to a duel between Videopad and Shotcut as I look to choose a good option for my future projects to use on my wife’s ”normal computer’ which does not have dedicated graphics.

However to my surprise, one of the best free video editors out there works quite well on this computer. Actually, Devinci Resolve IS likely the best and I have tried more than a few. The only hang-up I have is that it has such a lot of features that it takes longer to learn. Also if you are looking for a fast simple edit it is probably not the best. These three videos below create the same type of video and you will quickly get an idea of the program that will work best for you by watching them. I’ll start with Dvinci Resolve 16. I installed the free version of Devinci Studio 16 and made this video as I learnt.

Here is how Videopad performed doing our our same standardised task.

Lately, however, I have also been using the Open Source Shotcut when I work on my wife’s computer which does not have dedicated graphics. I find Shotcut churns through editing and reduces the time it takes to edit, is simple to use and learn and offers many of the features you would find on commercial editors. While you are not getting the same experience as you would using programs like Premiere or Davinci you will want to use if you do a lot of editing, there are enough features like chroma key, hundreds of filters and effects, and screen in screen options to keep you developing as an editor for a long while. I gave ShotCut a little test run here and recorded my efforts using a free screen recorder.

Do you have a favorite free or open source video editor? Let others know in the comments below.

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