Brand Archetypes Quiz
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Brand Archetypes Quiz

Here is my version of the 12 brand archetypes quiz. In step one, we identify the primary driver and in step two, we find your archetype. I have found this two-step process works better and is more objective. Traditional VS Alpha Transformation in Archetypes The new Alpha archetypes reflect the unique values and interests of…


The Creator/ Artist Brand Archetype: The Secrets to Creating a Successful Brand

Introduction: What is the Creator Brand Archetype? Creators are the ones who are working on their own brands, which means they have to be aware of the power that comes with it. The Creator/Artist brand archetype is one of the twelve archetypes identified by Carl Jung and later used by marketers. It represents the essence…

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Joker Brand Archetype: Work life balance

The Joker Brand Archetype and How to Use it to Make Your Brand Stand Out Table comparing the Jester and the Work/Life Integrator Archetypes: The transformation between the Jester archetype and the Work/Life Integrator archetype involves a shift in focus from purely seeking pleasure and enjoyment to finding a balance between work and personal life…