Top Bundaberg Websites for 2021

While numbers never tell the full story, it is sometimes useful and kind of fascinating to have an objective measure of how much comparative engagement websites get. I thought it would make for an interesting exercise to track what websites produced in Bundaberg are ‘popular’. This list is definitely not exhaustive, and please do use…

While numbers never tell the full story, it is sometimes useful and kind of fascinating to have an objective measure of how much comparative engagement websites get. I thought it would make for an interesting exercise to track what websites produced in Bundaberg are ‘popular’. This list is definitely not exhaustive, and please do use the recognised measuring tool yourself and report in the comments.

Top-Ranked Bundy Websites for 2021

15: What’s On Bundaberg

If you are looking to find something to do in Bundaberg, from small to major events, this site has you covered. Then, if you are located within the Bundaberg Regional Council area, go ahead and list your nonpolitical or business-orientated event here for others.

Website: https://www.whatsonbundaberg.com.au/ Alexa Ranking: 8,818,096

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14: Discover Bundaberg

This council site helps you discover places to visit locally like Alexandra Park Zoo, Hinkler Hall of Aviation, Bundaberg Botanic Gardens and all the parks and reserves. This is a good site to get a regional overview, learn about the aboriginal heritage, find the airport or find out what is happening with ecotourism.

Website: discoverbundaberg.com.au Ranking: 3,532,617 In global internet traffic and engagement

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13: Austchilli Group

A family-owned and operated business and “a leader in the Australian food manufacturing industry with one of the largest vertically integrated, growing, packing and processing facilities”.

Website: https://www.austchilli.com.au/ Ranking: 3,471,495

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12: Wide Bay Kids

Few parents around Bundaberg are not aware of Wide Bay Kids which lists all the things on in the Bundaberg related for kids to do especially during school holidays. Big ideas and family fun is the name of the game.

Website: https://widebaykids.com.au/ Ranking: 3,204,046

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11: Ripe Global

Digital media offers the opportunity to now create a global business in places like Bundaberg. RipeGlobal is the first of such education and training operations on our list and recently picked up the Education/Training Institute and Business of the Year at the recent local Business Excellence Awards.

A vast network of mentors and educators located span 17 countries and deliver a curriculum designed to innovate in the space of dental education.

Website: ripeglobal.com Ranking: 3,026,268

10: Luxury Resort Bliss

My wife April Wright (who has another listing in the top 15) and I created Luxury Resort Bliss back in 2007 as a means for people to research and book resort vacations back when there were few other options. The site wasn’t an immediate success but over the next few years that hard work we did on researching what people wanted to know about, writing content and building pages took off and this was to become our full-time work and income for years to come allowing us to have a family, travel and eventually settle in the Bundaberg area

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In making this project, we have learned it is possible for DIY startups like yours to compete with big companies. If you can learn how to drive traffic, engagement, and sales with a few simple techniques, we can guide you through.

If you thought, the digital world is some sort of dark secret black magic art, you will earn that it’s not. Over time, providing value and in the form of quality, shareable media which connects to an audience shines through and helps you stand out in the crowd. You will quickly become savvy at creating shareable content that will go up the Google rankings because of the applied research you do, and the shareable media you create.

With Luxury Resort Bliss, we linked to resorts and affiliate partners as a means of income, and we were able to do this because of the traffic we generated. But you might want to sell products and services directly. Having an understanding of both methods will prove really helpful in understanding how digital media works and has helped us provide real value for our clients. As you look to build your own audiences and provide value for your clients, we are now offering digital media services to aid you in your journey.

Website: https://www.luxury-resort-bliss.com Ranking: 2,523,620

9: Burnett Mary Regional Group

As the peak body for natural resource management for the region and areas like the Burnett and Mary river catchments, BMRG is very much in the game of communicating its messaging.

Website: bmrg.org.au Ranking: 2,204,334

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8: Bundaberg Now

Bundaberg News was created to provide a free online news platform for the region, including council services.

This includes news and information from Council and regarding Council services.

Articles are accepted from groups, individuals and other organisations with an emphasis on news ‘which celebrates all that is positive about our beautiful Bundaberg.

The idea is to add media diversity

Website: bundabergnow.com/ Ranking: 2,254,053

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7: Bundaberg Tourism

This site encourages visitors and locals alike to explore the place ‘where the beach meets the reef’ and the place where the turtles call home. Find your adventure, or ways to explore the Southern Great Barrier Reef or the local food bowl. You can look up itineraries of things to do and find links to other local helpful sites.

Like Arts Bundaberg and What’s on, this is another Bundaberg Regional Council website.

Website: bundabergregion.org/ Ranking: 1,916,173 average time on site 3:46

6: Macadamias Australia

Macadamias Australia is a long-established family-owned agribusiness. They produce ‘premium quality raw, roasted, flavoured and chocolate coated macadamias and macadamia honey products as well as a few other surprising products. Their website sells products both wholesale and retail online and has free shipping for orders over $50.

Website: macadamiasaustralia.net Ranking: 1,600,049

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5: Bundaberg Regional Council

As well as providing a lot of media for the local region as evidenced by this review, Bundaberg Regional Council runs its services and information website where you can learn about “council, the region, careers with council, things to do and see”, and more. If you are looking for an interactive map, want to know about rates or planning, this is the site to visit.

Website: bundaberg.qld.gov.au/ Ranking: 1,401,965 Average Daily Time on Site 2:43

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4: Bundaberg Rum

Website: bundabergrum.com.au/ Ranking: 1,392,800 in global internet engagement 1:58

Bundaberg Rum is an iconic Australian brand. A few years back, as the brand was approaching its 130th birthday, the company moved towards promoting Australian values, the story behind the brand, and its history. The move showed the trend towards reflects the move towards local values in general. The ad looked at life at the distillery and the small group of about 30 people and locally sourced ingredients. This campaign highlighted lots of what is working with advertising.

What it could have done better is focus a little more on making the customer the hero rather than the brand.

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3: Bundaberg Brewed Drinks

If you haven’t bought on yet, family and local tradition is a common trait among many local brands. This brand exports all over the world, and it is interesting to use their tool to see where in fact you can find their products. More and more, I am seeing the familiar brand from my childhood pop up in media around the globe and a deal with PepsiCo helping it reach 400,000 shops and restaurants across the United States.

Because Bundaberg Brewed Drinks is a fourth-generation, family-owned business that competes with multinationals, the brand distinguishes itself as authentic and homegrown as a means to get more mileage out of its advertising spend. Because of their research, they found out 9 out of 10 Aussies knew who they were, but they don’t understand their point of difference.

Website: bundaberg.com/ Ranking: 1,029,990in global internet engagement 0:54

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2. Piano Lessons Info

April Wright started Piano Lessons Info more than 10 years ago. The success of the site is achieved through April’s hard work creating quality media and enjoying free lessons to follow.

While it is easy to think in 2021 that it’s impossible to compete with big brands and big accounts, what the success of this site shows is that with a little strategy, keyword research, and creating quality media content it is possible to achieve success. While piano lessons info began in 2007 most a lot of its engagement success has come in the last year or two as social media channels, new content, and gamification tactics were employed as part of an integrated strategy.

Some free content comes in the form of interactive games like these. We know that games like this one I made help people engage with learning.

Quality content and research has not only helped April rise to the top of the rankings in her area of the internet but built a tribe of followers who trust her brand. April is only recently starting putting effort into her social media, but her channels are growing really fast, and she receives a lot of complimentary emails thanking her for her content:

Having a lively social media engagement means April is able to stay agile and up to date with what her audience is looking for and adjust content to the strategic goals of the business and subscribers. ‘Free’ digital products that encourage people to sign up to her email list, allow April to develop a report with her audience who help her shape the future of the business. Having an automated email sequence means April is able to further warm up this audience to some of her premium products like her online piano course and club.

As an editor and multimedia content producer, for this site, I’ve had a good vantage point to watch this business achieve success.

To find out more on how April and I can help you achieve success online, schedule a call.

Website: piano-lessons-info.com/ Ranking: This site ranks: 932,085 in global internet engagement 4:34 Daily Time on Site

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1: Best Practice Software

Best Practice designs practice management software for general practitioners to improve efficiencies, which assists those practices to provide care.

Website: bpsoftware.net Ranking: 989,209 in global internet engagement

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Update: When I checked today, Best Practice had a score of 871,329 making them the current number one


To even get a ranking requires you to know your way around and put a bit of effort into building traffic and engagement. Apparently, as of June 18, 2021, there are currently over 1.86 billion websites online. Any business that even receives a number is a tremendous effort (websites inside 20 million get a score).

Numbers are not always indicative of quality, and it’s easy to forget how important real connections are. Popularity is for popularity’s sake is rather trite, but real engagement and connection with purposeful brands that make a difference can change lives.

As a business partner (along with April, my wife) and someone who has worked on two of these sites, it’s encouraging that the DIY ethic can pay off even today.

That’s why as well as working on my own projects I’m looking forward to assisting other brands to discover their personality, purpose and getting engagement. By creating content that is relevant and offers value for your audience, you can begin to start a conversation that can help transform your brand and get more sales and leads.

DIY success is possible, but it helps to have a guide with a proven road map of the territory.

How did I find/measure the top sites rankings?

There is one metric which is well recognised as a bit of a universal marker for ‘website popularity’ and that is called an Alexa rank. This indicator was designed as a benchmarking tool to compare websites for audience engagement to measure ‘audience engagement’ and rank millions of websites, with an Alexa Rank of 1 being the most popular. Because of things the number of unique visitors and page views Google has an Alexa rank of 1, YouTube has a rank of 2, T-mall (Chinese Retail) 3, Facebook 7, Amazon 11, Yahoo 12, Wikipedia.org 13 or Telstra in Australia is ranked 7,248.

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