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“Transhumanists: Were They the OG (Original Geek) Hipsters?”

As the 21st century hums along, it seems that everyone is on the lookout for the “next big thing.” Enter the hipsters, always five steps ahead in their perennial search for the obscure and the retro. But wait a minute! What if I told you that the real OG (Original Geek) hipsters were…transhumanists? You know, those folks dreaming of melding man and machine way before it was cool. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Obsessed with the Future Before It Was a Thing

  • Hipsters: They’re all about resurrecting old vinyl, vintage clothing, and analog cameras. Basically, making the past part of their present.
  • Transhumanists: These folks were fantasizing about the future when most of us were still figuring out the Internet. Flying cars? Robotic limbs? Immortality? All in a day’s dream for a transhumanist.

2. Niche Interests

  • Hipsters: Ever heard of that super obscure indie band from Sweden? No? That’s because you’re not hipster enough.
  • Transhumanists: Ever delved deep into the philosophical implications of merging consciousness with AI? No? Well, you’re not transhumanist enough!

3. Non-Conventional Fashion Choices

  • Hipsters: Skinny jeans, thick-rimmed glasses, beanies, and tattoos of anchors or birds, all while riding a fixie bike.
  • Transhumanists: Okay, maybe they’re not known for a specific style. But, a bionic arm or an implant that changes eye color on demand? That’s way cooler (and more functional) than a beard that can host a family of sparrows!

4. Passionate Coffee Shop Debates

  • Hipsters: Arguing about the best method to brew artisanal coffee or which underground book is a must-read.
  • Transhumanists: Engaging in intense discussions about the ethics of brain-machine interfaces or the singularity, all while sipping on…well, probably something futuristic like a nootropic-enhanced smoothie.

5. Always Ahead of the Curve

  • Hipsters: They loved that indie artist before they won a Grammy.
  • Transhumanists: They were thinking about the implications of AI when most of us were still playing Snake on our Nokia phones.

The Big Question: Were Transhumanists Really the First Hipsters?

As entertaining as it is to draw these parallels, there’s a clear distinction. Hipsters often look to the past, cherry-picking elements to integrate into the modern era with a sense of irony. Transhumanists, on the other hand, have their eyes set on a future where humanity transcends its biological boundaries.

Final Thoughts: So, while transhumanists might not have been sporting plaid shirts or listening to vinyl records in dimly lit, underground bars, they were undoubtedly ahead of their time. And who knows? Maybe in the not-so-distant future, being a transhumanist will be the ultimate hipster move. After all, nothing says “retro” like reminiscing about the time when humans were just…well, humans!

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