Create a fabulously fast, functional website that gets engagement at an affordable price without doing it all yourself.

The reality of cheap website builders where you do it all yourself is that it can become a steep learning curve that consumes your time. This can end up costing you more in the long run, yet, at the same time, many designers charge a fortune.

And what happens when something goes wrong? You didn’t go into business to become a web designer, SEO expert (whatever that is), and tech guru.

We provide affordable small business websites and digital media that get engagement without going on a DIY site and starting from scratch or selling your grandmother to pay for it.

Can I show you how easy it is to have, own and manage a beautifully designed small business website without hiring an entire tech team?

The problem with DIY platforms like Wix

As a small business owner, you can run into problems with platforms like Wix. Wix helps you create a professional website with a custom website builder and templates like I do. But with Wix, only a tiny percentage of sites rank in the search engines. Don’t take my word for it. This comes directly from the Internet and marketing guru Neil Patel in this video.

A website that can rank

As someone who owns and runs some highest-ranking websites in the area, I’ve put my experience and skills into developing a streamlined procedure that helps business owners start running their successful sites with high engagement. And I can work with you online from wherever you are.

A website that can rank

Affordable website designer

Our process starts with listening and planning. Let’s start with a complimentary meeting to find out where you’re positioned and where you are going, your customers, and business goals as a starting benchmark to measure success. What are the needs, objectives, and scope of the project?

Here we can also do a little research on the customer and what look will work. We can even do some mock-ups.

An Affordable Website

What type of website will you get?

I recommend WordPress: “Beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.”

Learn more about WordPress.

What will my website look like?

Basically, you get to choose a lot of options upon a theme that you also choose. Lots of choosing!  But I’m also going to also recommend the free theme Kadence to build your site on:

Here is a review on Kadence

Once we have a theme chosen, I can help recommend design elements and colours which will make the theme your own. I also have access to a media library to enhance this design process.

Themes to choose from

Here is a demonstration of themes that we can customise. See the themes in action here.


How ti will set up your Kadence theme:

Who will host your website?

Web hosting services work by maintaining stable and secure storage space for your website on their web servers. They provide more than data storage, but help with your site’s speedy and efficient functionality.

Some developers offer to host your website, but here is why you should own your own website in my opinion.

Why I recommend SiteGround for web hosting

SiteGround is a highly recommended fast web host and caters to WordPress users with affordable pricing. Equally known for their fast performance and support, they are trusted by millions. (too many people choose spammy, slow cheap hosts which don’t cut it)

SiteGround also offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and gives you credit if they fail at achieving this. You pay for this, and I build your site on your land: (US Dollars – the $5.99 plan is usually enough, and you can easily upgrade)

About SiteGround Hosting

Everything you could need to know about SiteGround Hosting


Your domain is also purchased and owned by you. You choose your domain, but I can guide you to what works and the considerations.

Going to Market

Creating your website is not the end of the story. This is where the skills and track record differentiate your unique brand. I will guide you on the steps to take to drive traffic to your website and convert those visitors into customers.

From getting your socials set up and organized to post automatically at scheduled times to using the

SEO (Search Engine Optimization). How about building up direct email marketing, remarketing, or targeted ad campaigns. Let’s discuss what is needed to help your business strategically grow and what tactics will best achieve this for now and in the long run.

We have a track record of creating high-engagement websites and look forward to this challenge. Ask to see our projects?

Essential Pages

What I need from you:

We will need to sit down with your credit card and order hosting, buy the domain, and other incidentals.

All websites need media like photos, videos, and charts. If you do a bit of an audit of what you have, that can easily get put up on a website. You will need to have ownership and the correct rights to put this media up, though. Best to ask if you are putting pictures of people up and get a written record.

There are also legal pages like terms of use and privacy policies that you can easily create for free on These require you to enter in official details that the website owner is better prepared to enter their easy-to-use template makers than I am (use the free version and send it over when complete, please, and I will make a page)

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