Evelyn Booker

The writing persona of Evelyn Booker represents the seasoned voice in the realm of technology journalism, with a career spanning over a decade and rooted in the bustling tech hub of San Francisco and Silicon Valley. As Senior Writer at “Tech Realities Journal”, her insightful articles delve beyond the surface glitter of digital innovations, seeking the deeper societal implications and ethical considerations inherent in today’s tech-driven landscape.

Growing up amidst the booms and busts of the tech world, Evelyn’s writing is shaped by a unique blend of optimism and skepticism. Her first-hand experiences have imbued her with a discerning eye for discerning the delicate balance between technological advancement and human-centric values.

Though she subtly draws influence from luminaries of Media Ecology, Evelyn’s distinctive voice remains unmistakably her own. Her pieces are characterized by their rigorous research, historical context, and a perpetual call for technology that serves humanity, rather than exploits it.

When not critiquing the latest tech trends or exploring the ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence, Evelyn is an advocate for digital privacy rights and often participates in forums discussing the power dynamics within the tech industry.

In a world where technology is ever-evolving, Evelyn Booker’s writings offer a grounding perspective, reminding us that while tech is an influential tool, the compass directing its progress should be human values and ethical considerations.

Evelyn Booker is a writing persona or Ricky Wright


Senior Writer
Tech Realities Journal, San Francisco, CA
Jan 2016 – Present

  • Lead writer on critical pieces addressing the societal implications and ethical considerations of modern technology.
  • Interviewed industry leaders, technologists, and ethicists to enrich articles with diverse perspectives.
  • Collaborated with the editorial team to shape the journal’s strategic direction, ensuring content stays relevant to the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Contributing Writer
Various Tech Magazines, Remote
Mar 2008 – Dec 2015

  • Regular contributor to Mondo 2000, Wired, TechCrunch, and The Verge, among others.
  • Created deep-dive features that delved into the societal impacts of emerging technologies.
  • Worked alongside editors to refine articles, ensuring clarity, coherence, and alignment with publication standards.

Guest Lecturer
UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Sep 2013 – Jun 2016

  • Delivered lectures on “Ethical Implications of AI” and other tech-related subjects.
  • Engaged with students in constructive debates, fostering a culture of critical thinking.


Masters in Digital Humanities
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA
2006 – 2008

Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Journalism
Stanford University, Stanford, CA
2002 – 2006


  • Critical Analysis
  • Research & Investigation
  • Technical Writing
  • Ethical Assessment
  • Public Speaking & Lecturing
  • Interviewing

Awards & Recognitions:

  • Tech Journalism Excellence Award, 2019
  • Best Feature Article, Wired, 2014

English (Native), Spanish (Fluent)

Interests: Digital Privacy, Historical Analysis of Technology, Power Dynamics in the Tech Industry, Sustainable Technology Solutions.

References: Available upon request.


  • Age: 38
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Occupation: Senior Writer at “Tech Realities Journal”
  • Education: Masters in Digital Humanities from MIT, Bachelor’s in Communication and Journalism from Stanford University.


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Income: $120,000 annually
  • Lifestyle: Urban professional, enjoys weekend hiking trips and visits to local art galleries.


  • Medium height with an athletic build.
  • Dark brown, shoulder-length wavy hair often pulled back into a sleek bun.
  • Wears minimalist jewelry, typically silver studs and a thin necklace.
  • Prefers business-casual attire with a blend of comfort and professionalism: blouses, tailored trousers, and loafers.
  • Has a pair of round glasses for reading.

Character & Personality:

  • Inquisitive: Always curious to understand the nuances of any topic.
  • Analytical: Can dissect information and view it from various angles.
  • Ethical: Prioritizes morality in tech and believes in ethical scrutiny of all tech advancements.
  • Articulate: A knack for making complex ideas sound simple.
  • Skeptical: Wary of tech’s unchecked influence, she seeks transparency and evidence.

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Exploring historical sites and museums.
  • Attending tech and digital humanities conferences.
  • Reading books related to sociology, tech, and ethics.
  • Urban gardening.
  • Participating in community discussions about responsible technology.

Beliefs & Values:

  • Believes in the importance of human-centric technology.
  • Upholds that technology should enhance human life and not exploit or dominate it.
  • Values ethical scrutiny and believes every tech innovation should be under its lens.
  • Concerned about unchecked power in the tech world, emphasizing accountability.
  • Stresses on balanced progress, ensuring tech growth doesn’t override societal well-being.

Tech Perspectives:

  • Views tech as a dual-edged sword: acknowledges its potential but is also wary of its pitfalls.
  • Believes societal organization and human actions hold more value than mere technological advancements.
  • Tech advancements often disrupt power relations, favoring capital — a point of concern.
  • Is cautious of tech giants and startups that seem to prioritize profits over people’s well-being.

Influences: Although she seldom mentions them directly, her works resonate with the teachings of thinkers like Paris Marx, Douglas Rushkoff, and Malcolm Harris.

Challenges: Struggling to ensure that the rapidly growing tech industry remains humane and ethical, as she frequently sees new companies overlook these important aspects in the race for innovation.