Bundaberg Social Enterprise Accelerator

In a local regional economy like Bundaberg, digital design services can seem overpriced and hard to understand and as more locals seek big-city solutions, and this depletes the ecosystem further (Ibis world 2020). More and more people using platforms like 99Designs or Design Crowd can mean less work for local designers, less income, less social capital, and weaker local ties and networks. The #BundyStory campaign, however, re-energises local digital potentials through telling mentoring stories in podcasts and on YouTube which celebrate pro-social startup and entrepreneurship culture.

The Social Enterprise Accelerator and School like 99 Designs or Design Crowd but unlike big city alternatives, allows workers to take control of the profits and management. Instead of profits flowing out of the local economy, money earned from digital projects is circulated among grassroots digital media practitioners and builds social capital (Bourdieu, 1972) while making it easier and more affordable for clients to hire the best designers locally at affordable price

Bundaberg Media Mentor Mondays
Bundaberg Media Mentor Mondays

As Marshal (2018) points out, ‘Brands have become increasingly embedded into the fabric of everyday
lives’ and are ‘resources for the construction of everyday identities’ as ‘consumers are invited through
the brand to show who they are and in doing produce something’ immaterial, ‘emotional’, ‘aesthetic’ or
‘social’ that becomes the brands ‘sign value’ (p. 191). This active construction of meaning in ‘the
implosion of production and consumption’ has become known as ‘prosumption’ (Ibid) and by building
on the theories of practitioners like Henry Jenkins (2006, et al. 2013, et al. 2016) and Axel Bruns (2008)
this project leverages these forces to allow locals to shape the future of work, rather than becoming
passive consumers of a spectacle choreographed from Silicon Valley.

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