Bundaberg Social Enterprise Accellorator

Bundaberg Social Enterprise Accelerator

This is an example of my work. A social enterprise project with a social media campaign creatives…..

In a local regional economy like Bundaberg, digital design services can seem overpriced and hard to understand and as more locals seek big-city solutions, and this depletes the ecosystem further (Ibis world 2020). More and more people using platforms like 99Designs or Design Crowd can mean less work for local designers, less income, less social capital, and weaker local ties and networks. The #BundyStory campaign, however, re-energises local digital potentials through telling mentoring stories in podcasts and on YouTube which celebrate pro-social startup and entrepreneurship culture.

The Social Enterprise Accelerator and School like 99 Designs or Design Crowd but unlike big city alternatives, allows workers to take control of the profits and management. Instead of profits flowing out of the local economy, money earned from digital projects is circulated among grassroots digital media practitioners and builds social capital (Bourdieu, 1972) while making it easier and more affordable for clients to hire the best designers locally at an affordable price……..

These are the campaign creatives. Please see the Social Enterprise PDF above and below for context.

Learn more: See the document online here.

Bundaberg Media Mentor Mondays
Bundaberg Media Mentor Mondays

CC0 Public Domain Image (Created on Canva): People by Stocksnap:

Headline: Mentor Monday

Message: Local stories on getting digitally media mentored each Monday.Get savvy!

Destination Link: Platform/Blog Landing Page

Embeds of the Podcast and YouTube post.

Call to Action: Learn More

Context: Opportunities for co-brandingthis post as well as the video and podcast content.The YouTube video introduces and covers the Social Enterprise Accelerator brand story and of those in the community. Sponsored authentic content which adds value is allowed.  Authentic aesthetic promotes the brand as one that makes a difference.

Schedule: Week 1

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