Coffee is the meaning of the #vanlife movement?
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The A to Z of Vanlife Buzzwords: A Roadmap to Rolling Your Eyes


Pack up your Pinterest boards and stuff your self-help mantras; we’re taking a scenic drive down the winding, confusing, and downright hilarious road of Vanlife Buzzwords. From A to Z, we’re debunking, demystifying, and, let’s face it, making fun of the jargon that has turned #VanLife into the Ivy League of hipsterdom. Buckle up; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

A – “Authentic Living”

Stop right there! No, choosing an organic bamboo toothbrush does not make your life more “authentic” than anyone else’s. Newsflash: We’re all just trying to get through life one existential crisis at a time.

B – “Boho Aesthetic”

What even is a “Boho Aesthetic?” Is it fairy lights? Macrame? Anything that can be classified as ‘not mainstream’ until it’s all over Instagram?

C – “Connected Isolation”

This means you’re alone but also spending 90% of your time on social media, telling everyone how much you enjoy being alone. Connected Isolation, the introvert’s oxymoron.

D – “Digital Detox”

Who are you kidding? You’ve got a Wi-Fi booster and three types of chargers in your glove compartment.

E – “Eco-Friendly”

Just because you put solar panels on your gas-guzzler doesn’t mean you’re suddenly eligible for a Nobel Peace Prize.

F – “FOMO-Free”

I’m so relieved you’ve overcome the Fear Of Missing Out. We were all so worried. Honestly, we could barely sleep.

G – “Glamping”

Camping in a van tricked out like a 5-star hotel is not “roughing it,” it’s “glamping.” Let’s call a spade a spade.

H – “Holistic Hustle”

Your side-gig selling handmade, cruelty-free, spirit-animal inspired soap does not a “hustle” make.

I – “Intentional Journeying”

Also known as driving. You are driving a van.

J – “Juxtaposition Living”

Living large in a small space, or living small in a large ego? You decide.

K – “Kale-infused”

If you’re adding kale to your oil changes, you’ve gone too far. Step away from the leafy greens.

L – “Lifestyle Architect”

You live in a van, not The Matrix. Relax, Neo.

M – “Mindful Moments”

If I hear one more person say they’re having a “mindful moment,” I may forget to be mindful of their feelings.

N – “Nomadic Serenity”

Is that when you can’t find a parking spot and just keep driving until it turns into a spiritual practice?

O – “Off-Grid Organic”

If your van isn’t parked in a Whole Foods parking lot, does it even exist?

P – “Purpose-Driven Packing”

That’s just called “not forgetting your underwear,” Ken and Karen (Thanks for forgetting the Ken GPT – I caught you this time ;).

Q – “Quantum Comfort”

Your van is not a space-time anomaly. It’s a vehicle with throw pillows.

R – “Radical Simplicity”

Is that where you radically oversimplify how much this lifestyle is costing you?

S – “Sustainable Stunting”

Doing doughnuts in a parking lot but in an electric van. Eco-conscious hooliganism!

T – “Transcendent Transit”

Your van doesn’t transcend space-time, and neither do you.

U – “Urban Explorer”

A fancy term for someone who just realized that urban parking laws apply to them too.

V – “Vanifesting”

Trying to “manifest” the perfect parking spot with your mind. Spoiler: It doesn’t work.

W – “Wanderlust Warrior”

Your profile says “catch me if you can,” but we see you, parked behind the same organic grocery store, every. single. week.

X – “Xenial Nomadism”

That’s just being polite to other people at the RV park. Calm down, Shakespeare.

Y – “Yoga on Wheels”

No, doing a Downward Dog in a moving van is not advisable.

Z – “Zen Zone”

Your van is not a monastery, no matter how many Buddha statues you fit into the glove compartment.


So there you have it, the A to Z of Vanlife Buzzwords that make us laugh, cringe, and sometimes question our life choices. While the #VanLife offers much to admire and even aspire to, let’s not forget to laugh at ourselves once in a while. Remember, the key to living your best life on the road isn’t in a buzzword; it’s in keeping it real.

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