Video, Editing and Photography Examples

This is a portfolio of some of the recent videos I have produced. Most of them use my own video footage and photographs. I love using photo and video editing equipment and the whole process of making videos.

My introduction Video

I should start with my introduction video. I’ve tried to make this entertaining while delivering an important message about the need to stay authentic in the YouTube environment.

Futurist Video

I produced this video which uses some special effects and the integration of creative commons media to explore some digital media concepts. Humans first image the future and then they build. Futurism is one of my hobbies.

Photo manipulation skills

In this video, I show off some of my photo manipulation and editing skills using free screen capture software.

Gamification collaborative project video

This is a video I edited and created the graphics for. It was used to promote a hypothetical gamified app. I love gamification and designing htm5 gamification experiences like this ethical communication learning experience.

Photojournalism video

I created this video to explore a local issue in a photojournalism assignment using only my own photographs.

Video journalism

I made this video journalism assignment as a local news story that occurred in the wake of the 2018 strawberry tampering incident.


og about the digital future and how technology emerges out of the social-political context….


Video as a hobby and for business

I have also created lots of videos as a hobby like the time our family travelled Around Australi vlogging the experience (below). Professionally I have created many videos for our travel website Luxury Resort Bliss.

Thanks for viewing. Please also check out my portfolios.


Header Image: Face by geralt (CC0)



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